BA – Admission
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BA (Hons.) Business Studies (undergraduate) Admission Requirements:

 Two intakes: September and February.

1) High School Degree (European or Non European) *
2) High School Curriculum (program) and scores (grades) *
3) Personal Interview (not required from overseas students)
4) Essay *
5) One of the following English Proficiency Tests *:
– TOEFL IBT Test (DI Code 9866)
– Cambridge English Advanced (a.k.a. Certificate in Advanced English)
– Cambridge English Business (for business and cognate only)
– Cambridge English Proficiency (a.k.a. Certificate of Proficiency in English)
6) Photocopy of passport or ID card + 2 ID pictures. *
7) The students must possess and be able to use a laptop.

 * To be attached to your Application Form

United Business Institutes reserves the right to limit the size of the entering class. The decision of the Admissions Committee is final. Applicants are notified on a rolling basis, after submission of all application material and completion of the personal interview.


Obtaining a student visa for Belgium may take quite some time (up to three month or more).

Therefore it is most advisable to apply at the soonest, regardless of the academic calendar.

Before sending you any official documents for visa purposes, and in accordance with the Terms & Regulations applicable to non-EU residents, UBI-Brussels must receive a down payment of 6.300,00 EURO. 5.400,00 EURO (refundable in case of visa rejection) in addition to a non-refundable administrative fee of 900,00 EURO. The total amount of 6.300,00 EURO will be payable by bank transfer.

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